Les références des formations secourismes Anglo-saxonnes

Ce module permet d'obtenir Le FPOS-I (First Person On Scene) + MIRA (Medicine In Remote Areas)
Les réferences UK des formations de secourisme opérationnel.

This foundational and valuable course, which as the title states, is designed for the immediate care and responses required in any emergency situation. The course is structured in subject delivery and practice, bringing constant development to each participant, but will also require some element of pre-learning and some further study outside of the course teaching hours in the evenings.
The course is a mix of taught theory, practical demonstration, skill stations and realistic scenarios

First Person On Scene

• The Pre Hospital Environment
• Patient Assessment
• Airway Management
• Respiration and Ventilation
• Basic Life Support
• Cardiac
• Circulation and Shock

• Assisting the Paramedic
• Trauma Related Emergencies



The course structure is primarily based on providing the student with the fundamental skills required to manage a casualty in a remote/challenging environment. During the 5 days the students will learn the following topics:

– Management of injuries from road traffic collisions, ballistics and violent assaults
– Oxygen therapy
– Intermediate and advanced airway management including surgical airways
– Life-threatening chest injuries and management including needle decompression
– Circulatory system and Haemorrhage control
– Shock and fluid replacement (I.V & I.O)
– Head injuries
– Medical emergencies
– Fractures, dislocations and burns
– Environmental illnesses
– Remote area and prolonged patient care



35 hours ( 5 days )

Aim of the course :

This course will develop individuals to gain a foundation knowledge enabling them to work individually or as part of a team in a variety of situations and locations throughout the world.

Qualification :
First Person On Scene (FPOS)
Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA)

To apply for SIA licence.

Equipment to provided :
-Jean, shirt, shoes comfortable for walking
-notedpad pocket, black pen


Informations pratique

Coût : 790 € TTC

Exclusive of food/accomodation



Du 20 au 24 mai 2019

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